ME LegalTech provides expert analysis and reporting services to determine liability and quantum in complicated legal matters. All of our technology is proprietary and is recognised as market leading.

This technology uses complex algorithms to enable large scale consumer access to dispute resolution in an efficient manner that benefits all stakeholders.

For law firms, that means they only progress valid disputes, and the structuring of claim data via our LegalTech facilitates greater efficiencies in law firm processes. This results in a reduction in law firm operating expenditure and a shortening of their cash conversion cycles.

For litigation insurers, and investors in litigation funding, our LegalTech provides risk assessment and mitigation, and facilitates a higher return on investment.

For claimants, defendants, arbitration providers and the Courts our LegalTech provides an accurate assessment of causation and damages therefore reducing vexatious disputes and facilitating an easier resolution of valid matters.

It is our innovative LegalTech that enables the ME Group to deliver its aim of improving the quality, and reducing the cost, of dispute resolution for all stakeholders.