LegalTech company, ME Group, is marking International Women’s Day by profiling the careers of two of its female Board members who are breaking the bias within what has traditionally been seen as the male-dominated world of tech.

Various studies suggest that around 10% of UK technology leaders are female.

As this gender imbalance slowly begins to shift, ME Group is celebrating the achievements of two of its own who hope to pave the way for others.

Chief Operating Officer, Jo Sharp (Pictured Left), joined the Group in 2019.

With over 20 years’ experience of working within the financial services sector including for the Cheshire Building Society, she is vastly experienced in using technology to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

Speaking about her early inspirations and what led her to the industry, she commented:

“I have been blessed by having positive role models around me who have instilled the beliefs that you can achieve and be the best version of yourself regardless of gender. One of my memories of this in action was when my dad, who was in the military, was playing in a squash tournament with his opponent who was a female sergeant. To this day, I still remember watching that game and seeing my dad lose to his opponent who went onto win the tournament. What stood out to me was the great example of gender parity, with the outcome purely based on skill and ability.

“If I liken this to my career, my fascination to understand different tech, whether it be expanding our proprietary LegalTech systems or the apps we use and the connection between improving efficiencies, has influenced the roles I have taken.

“Looking back, at the start of my career, the field of tech, even from a management perspective could have been perceived as being male dominated. That said, I am so grateful that my managers and peers, especially at ME Group, looked at skill and ability and allowed me to grow into positions where I could use these skills to the benefit of my future career path and to the organisation.

“My current role at ME Group allows me to influence both the operations of the business and align it to technology, and as a Board Member, I am proud to work for a company that allows me to be just that – A Board member being allowed to bring a varied set of skills and experience to the table to help drive a multi-disciplinary team within a diverse organisation.

“I appreciate that not everyone has the mentors, managers or peers to lift and support them into roles without bias, and for this I wholly support International Women’s Day where we can all be the change we want to see.”

ME Group seeks to champion access to justice through litigation funding and LegalTech.

Thea Rogerson (Pictured Right) is the Group‘s Chief Risk Officer.

She started her career working for the Royal Bank of Scotland – earning a place on the highly competitive Fast Track Management Scheme for the retail bank straight from university.

She gained a breadth of risk experience in the bank and ended her RBS career of 10 years working in incident management, leading on incident response including for one of the bank’s highest impacting and most publicised technology incidents.

Speaking about her experiences, she said:

“I have worked for organisations where, for a time, there wasn’t a single woman on the Board and very few on the Executive team. Times are changing now – we’re not there yet, but it is getting so much better and ME Group are a breath of fresh air in that regard.

“I am very proud to be one of the few women on the Board. All Board members have been very welcoming and I feel my views are as well received as everyone else’s.

“It feels a bit strange having to write about being in a minority position when the experience is nothing different at all. Across other industries, especially in larger businesses, I know this is not the case, and for that reason, I feel very lucky that ME Group is so forward thinking.

“Being a woman has felt no different in practice and I truly feel an equal part of the Executive team and the Board. I am proud of my achievements to date, but I am nothing special and have done nothing different except try my best in everything I do.”

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