ME Group Holdings Limited
(“ME Group” or the “Company”)

ME Group, announces it has launched new services for lawyers working to help people who have been mis-sold many different types of financial products.  The Company now also supports law firms managing pension disputes and those relating to undisclosed commissions in financial transactions.

The Company is providing services via both its LegalTech and Outsourcing functions, as well as providing disbursement funding and facilitating after the event insurance.

Rob Cooper, ME Group’s CEO, said: “Following our success in helping to deal with widespread mortgage mis-selling, we have broadened the scope of our proprietary technology to include other major areas of financial misconduct.

We’ve found that many vulnerable consumers, who have been mis-sold or overcharged for their mortgage have also been victims of poor practice by independent financial advisers, banks and other financial services companies.

This isn’t good enough and all too often vulnerable consumers are completely unaware of the loss they have suffered due to the opaque and complex nature of the financial products they have been mis-sold.

Right across the financial services industry commissions and performance payments between product providers and intermediaries have distorted selling practices to the detriment of the retail customer.

We’re keen to help more law firms gain redress on their clients’ behalf. This is especially the case right now with UK personal finances under increased pressure.”

The Directors of ME Group accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.

For further information, please contact:

ME Group
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