ME Group Holdings Limited
(“ME Group” or the “Company”)

ME Group Holdings Ltd “ME Group” has announced that it was shortlisted for this year’s Sunday Times Tech Track 100 ‘Ones to Watch’ which recognises small to medium tech companies who don’t yet fit the criteria for the Tech Track 100, but who display great innovation and are projected for rapid growth. This follows a 400% increase in profit before tax to 31st March 2020.

With the Company’s revenue forecast to exceed GBP 100m for the year ending March 2021, ME Group looks forward to another year of substantial growth.
Rob Cooper, Group CEO, said: “We are obviously disappointed not to have made the final list but nonetheless this is a huge achievement that recognises the fantastic efforts of everybody across the Group. We are fortunate to have an amazing group of people in ME Group who continuously give it their all and are putting us on track to be the UK’s market leader.”

He added “We recently announced that we expect to scale up our proposition this coming year, including recruiting more talent, to enable us to support more and more law firms with their work in this sector. I am pleased to see the Company’s growth and potential recognised in a hugely competitive tech sector, and we look forward to making some significant announcements over the next few months which will further demonstrate our ability to deliver on our highly ambitious plans.

We see a large amount of unfulfilled opportunity in the litigation funding sector. That isn’t just about significantly increasing our volume of funding, albeit we have clear plans do so, it is about delivering unique and innovative funding solutions and facilitating dispute resolution that works better for all parties. We are a technology business providing litigation funding, not a litigation funder using technology. That distinct difference, recognised by this shortlisting, delivers a number of significant advantages that will be key to our continued growth.”

The Directors of ME Group accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.

For further information, please contact:

Rob Cooper, Chief Executive Officer
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Ben Welsh, media relations
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