Legal Tech business ME Group, which provides technology to help law firms manage complex legal disputes, has welcomed the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) decision to take forward plans to expand the fixed costs regime for claims in most civil cases up to £100,000.

Rob Cooper, ME Group CEO, said: “We support the MoJ’s move as the impact of a costs reduction will undoubtedly benefit clients. Fixed costs already apply in many low value personal injury cases and we know that sector has seen improved cost certainty and accelerated case settlement times as a result.”

Mr Cooper explained that the consultation, which closes on 6 June, is the next step in implementing the recommendations of the Jackson Review of civil justice costs (2017).

The MoJ is seeking views on extending fixed recoverable costs to all other cases valued up to £25,000 in damages in the fast track; a new process and fixed recoverable costs for noise-induced hearing loss claims; and expanding the fast track to include simple cases valued between £25,000–£100,000 in damages.

Mr Cooper said: “We agree with the Lord Chancellor that costs must be proportionate to the claim. If people know what their legal costs are likely to be in advance, they will be much more prepared to access the civil justice system. Fixed costs also give certainty to litigation funders and insurers thus reducing risk, and enabling cost savings to be passed to the ultimate client”

LegalTech like ours is already helping firms optimise their case processing, and reducing costs to customers. The proposed changes, now put out to consultation, will further improve access to justice, which must be a guiding principle for policymakers.”


Ben Welsh, Media Relations
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